Welcome To The All New Shipley Mums

Welcome to the new Shipley Mums site!Shipley Mums


Back in 2016, local mum Jenny founded Shipley Mums. She built a website that provided valuable information for parents and families in the Shipley area. And since then it has developed into a hugely successful, and much loved, little community.


Earlier this year, Jenny decided to take a step back and concentrate on new and exciting projects for her and her family. I was surprised, and absolutely honoured, when she asked me to take over the reins of Shipley Mums.

Cat from the all new shipley mums


My name is Cat, and I live in Saltaire with my husband, Dan and our daughter, Bee. I made the decision to give up work (as an Early Years Practitioner) when Bee was born, and I’m so happy that I did. It has given us the chance to go on so many little adventures together, explore the local area, and discover all sorts of hidden gems in Shipley and beyond. And now, its given me the opportunity to work on a brilliant website, and take my blogging in a new direction (I also write a parenting blog at Mama Cat + Baby Bee).


At the end of April we made the final handover. And since then I have been working behind the scenes to take all of Jenny’s hard work (and what is essentially her ‘baby’), combine it with my own ideas, and create a new look website for Shipley Mums.


I’m hoping you will still find it easy to navigate and get to the information you are looking for. I’m also hoping that you’ll want to share and recommend Shipley Mums to all your friends and family.

I love Shipley, and all it has to offer for families. I thoroughly enjoy collecting the listings for What’s On (June 2018: What’s On) each month, and sharing my five recommendations for the weekend on the Facebook page. It’s given me so many ideas of things to do with my little family, and already I’m enjoying the connection Shipley Mums is giving me with local businesses, organisations and families.


There will be many more little tweaks and big ideas to come. I’m having a baby in July, so things may be little quieter than usual for a while. But, please keep checking back, join the Facebook page, and follow Shipley Mums on Instagram and Twitter. I’m planning on; a Facebook community group, more days out posts/reviews, a Free Things To Do post, a series of themed posts with ideas for activities based on children’s particular interests, and so much more. Just watch this space. And if you have any suggestions or requests for posts/guides/information, please get in touch via social media or email.


Shipley Mums is currently sponsored by 7 of our wonderful local businesses:

  Leelas Ladybirds Private Day Nursery - Shipley Tambourine Coffee - Saltaire 

 Little Daisy's - ShipleyShopAppyFox and the Magpie - Shipley Louisa Futter - Independent Usborne Organiser- Shipley & Saltaire

If you’d like to work with Shipley Mums, become a sponsor, or collaborate, then please visit the Work With Shipley Mums page, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.


If you’d like me to add your event to a What’s On listing, or a group/class to any of our information pages, please drop me a line. What’s On listings and listings on the groups and support pages are free, so there’s really no reason to hesitate.


Lastly, I’d like to thank you for your continued support. The community is really what makes Shipley such a great place to live. Shipley Mums relies on your readership, your sharing with others, and your inspiration and suggestions to continue providing valuable information for local families. Thank you.

Cat x


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