The Aire Sculpture Trail: Saltaire

The Aire Sculpture Trail leads along the River Aire and the Leeds Liverpool Canal from the bridge on Victoria Road in Saltaire to Baildon Bridge in Shipley.

Created for local residents and visitors to Saltaire and Shipley, the trail features various sculptures commissioned by a mix of both public organisations and private local companies.


We picked up a free children’s activity sheet from the Saltaire Visitor Information Centre to complete as we followed the trail (bring a pen!) in search of the 15 sculptures:

1. Octopus, 2. Pirate ship, 3. Salt pot slug, 4. Tortoises, 5. Fish and drawers, 6. Fish, 7. Cat bath, 8. Bird, 9. Skater frog, 10. Snowman, 11. Dog, 12. Alpaca, 13. Submarine, 14. Frog on leaf, 15. Dinghy dog.

It took us about 45 minutes from start to finish, that was with a 2 year old (walking), a four year old and a pushchair. The trail is pretty pushchair friendly, with the exception of two small sets of steps, which we easily carried the pushchair down and then up. The majority  of the walk is along the canal and then the riverside, so I made sure that my two year old held my hand the whole way along, and walked on the side furthest away from the water’s edge.

Start at the Octopus sculpture on the bridge at the bottom of Victoria Road, follow the trail along the canal until you reach the Salt Pot Slug sculpture, then go down the steps on your left hand side and follow the trail until you reach the riverside. The trail continues along the river until you reach Baildon Bridge, where you will need to climb a few steps to reach the final Dinghy Dog sculpture.


A lovely little walk for the whole family to enjoy – just try to ignore the rubbish still clinging to the branches of some of the trees near the river from the Boxing Day floods, and the rude graffiti on the Skater Frog sculpture!

The Aire Sculpture Trail


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