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When Jackie Mulligan, founder of, asked me to try out and review the ShopAppy experience, I jumped at the chance! I had first heard about ShopAppy back in November 2016, when it was launched in Saltaire and Otley, but had never actually got round to trying it out…

So, one evening last week, I sat down with my ipad to order my shopping from First of all, I chose the local town that I wanted to shop in, which for me was Saltaire. Alternative options are Otley and Shipley, with Baildon and Bingley sites soon to be launched. You can then search for items to buy by choosing categories from the Products section (Bakery and Confectionery, Dairy and Eggs, Fruit and Vegetables etc…) or by visiting specific shops under the Shops & Services section – I did a mixture of both. It was so simple – decide on your product and the quantity you require and click ‘Add to bag’.

I wanted to fully embrace the ShopAppy experience, so ordered products from a variety of shops. These included a fresh wholemeal cob, super caramel shortbread and chocolate brownies from Edward Street Bakery (only currently available for Wednesday collections), locally made in Eldwick sea-salted butter, eggs and a selection of fruit and vegetables from The Orange Grove, a Yorkshire pork pie, handmade wild boar sausages and a chicken breast parcel with cheddar cheese, stuffing and cranberry wrapped in bacon from Paul Binns Quality Meats and a couple of Saltaire Brewery hand crafted ales from Saltaire Wines. I was also in need of a few children’s birthday gifts so ordered these from The Butterfly Rooms and Fox and the Magpie.

After I’d finished my shopping, I selected my collection method (click and collect items from individual shops, or from a single shop – Saltaire Wines) and pick up date from a drop down list, paid and waited excitedly to collect my order!

The beauty of is that you can shop locally at a time that suits you, without being restricted by the traditional opening hours of our small independent shops. Particularly handy if you are a time-stretched working parent and want to collect your shop on the way home from work, for example.

I chose to click and collect the whole of my ShopAppy order from Saltaire Wines on a Wednesday from 6-8.30pm. So at 5.50pm, with a beautiful blue sky above me and the sun shining down,  I wandered down to Saltaire Wines (child-free for the first time all day!) to collect my order, which was ready and waiting. The customer service I received in Saltaire Wines was fantastic – warm, friendly and engaging, and zero wait time! My eyes lit up and a smile spread across my face as I was handed my many packages to take home. The Edward Street Bakery bread was temptingly fresh from the oven and still hot, but I managed to hold off until I got home!

ShopAppy (Shipley Mums)

We thoroughly enjoyed working our way through our delicious edible purchases. the highlights for me being Edward Street Bakery’s super caramel shortbread and Paul Binn’s wild boar sausages – yum!! As for the gifts that I purchased – well, they are gifts, so we’re not going to open and try them out, but they look fantastic! Kokeshi paper dolls to create from The Butterfly Rooms and a super hatching dinosaur egg and lollipop shaped rubbers from Fox and the Magpie.

There is already a fantastic growing selection of products available to buy from local shopkeepers on, but can I be greedy and say that I would like to see more please?! Specifically, more items from Edward Street Bakery and The Triangle. The Orange Grove offer very reasonably priced seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes and I would love to see a seasonal salad box available to buy here also.  Likewise, some small meat packs would be a great addition to the fantastic range of larger meat packs already available to by at Paul Binns Quality Meats.

Fox and the Magpie and The Butterfly rooms offer a wonderful selection of gifts for both children and adults alike. The items that I purchased were beautifully wrapped and packaged, which I had not anticipated. I love the thoughtful personal touch that I received by buying from these particular shops.  I couldn’t find any greetings cards for sale on ShopAppy, but being able to buy a gift and card would be particularly helpful when wanting a last minute gift – hint hint Fox and the Magpie, The Butterfly Rooms and Radstudio!

Jackie had told me that ShopAppy was supposed to make you feel happy and I can honestly hand on heart say that it did! It made me happy to think that I am buying from, and thus supporting, local independent businesses, and especially happy knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I’d be tucking into some seriously delicious locally produced food items! It felt like Christmas when I was handed all of those packages, but I certainly won’t be waiting 365 days until I place my next order!

Why not see if you too can discover ShopAppiness? Support our local businesses and give ShopAppy a try for yourself!

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Shipley Mums received credit to spend on in order to facilitate the writing of this review. All views and opinions are my own.



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