Rugby Tots: Rugby Play Programme in Bingley

A couple of weeks ago, Bee was invited to her first Rugby Tots class. We didn’t really know what to expect. Just that this would be Bee’s first ever class with an element of instruction and direction. It could have gone either way!

Thankfully, the coaches, Neil and Connor, had the class pitched perfectly.

The children arrived with their parents and Neil greeted them all by name. They were each invited to stand on a Rugby Tots spot, and then the fun began.

Neil and Connor led the children through a series of mini-games, all designed to playful build skills in running, ball-handling, kicking, catching and teamwork. The games were simple to follow, and Neil and Connor supported and encouraged the children, with a level of energy quite remarkable for a Sunday morning!

The children ran obstacle courses, made tries in coloured hoops, kicked cones, and balanced cones on their head. Bee’s favourite game was Cat and Mouse. The children ran around with their RugbyTots ‘tails’ (Bee insisted on holding it behind her like an actual tail) as Neil and Connor chased them, squealing, around the hall.

The class ended with a Rugby Tots haka, which I think took Bee by surprise a little. We’ve been back since, and she’s still a little bemused at Neil and Connor’s ‘funny dance’.

Bee attended the class for 2-3.5 year olds. She’s just turned 3 years old, so it was perfect for her. It had just the right amount of structure, with lots and lots of fun and silliness. Bee was able to understand and take part in most of the games independently, and I could definitely see how the class could build her self-confidence, and support turn-taking, listening skills and her understanding of instructions. Parents were able to help out as much as their child needed, and both Neil and Connor made extra efforts to encourage and reassure the less bold children.

Bee (and I) thoroughly enjoyed the Rugby Tots session, so much so, she wanted to stay for the class after hers!

rugby tots

Rugby Tots Bradford and Guiseley run classes at Greenacre Hall, Yeadon on Saturday mornings, and Beckfoot School, Bingley, on Sunday mornings for children aged 2 – 7 years. You can find details on the Shipley Mums Weekend and After School Classes listings or the Rugby Tots Bradford and Guiseley Facebook page.

The next term begins on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November 2018. For a free taster session contact



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