Get Active at the Shipley & Saltaire Wellness Centre!


Are you lacking in energy, clothes not fitting as well as you would like, not had a good night’s sleep for ages? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Shipley & Saltaire Wellness Centre (SSWC) is here to help. Based on Dockfield Road in Shipley, they are a well-kept secret offering both nutrition advice and exercise classes, and pride themselves on a fabulous community spirit for all who come through the door.


Amazingly, one in three doctor’s appointments are, in fact, diet related, and 20% of the overall NHS budget is now spent on treating diabetes, again diet related. Imagine the amount of money that could be saved, simply by improving our diets. SSWC was set up with the aim of promoting a healthy active lifestyle within our community and it’s a lot easier than you think to make just a few simple changes.

You Are What You Eat…

A healthy and active lifestyle is 80% down to what you eat and 20% down to activity. So, consider the quality of the food that you are eating. In a nutshell, consider the colour – the more colourful the better! If its colour resembles a pasty, then have that as an occasional treat, not a daily occurrence. SSWC can offer advice on eating the right food, whilst making sure that you never go hungry!

Get Active!

Classes, for all ages and abilities, run six days a week and are led by fully qualified instructors. High intensity, low intensity, toning, stretching, core, indoors and outdoors you will find something to suit you. The first class is free on mention of Shipley Mums, so click here to view the latest timetable. Come along and try it for yourself – what have you got to lose?


And if that’s not enough, SSWC is also classed as a Bike Friendly Business, with five of its coaches being fully qualified Mountain Bike Leaders. The centre organises bike rides on a regular basis for all ages and abilities – where possible, avoiding cars and roads.

The Therapy Bar

Also based at SSWC, The Therapy Bar, founded by Melanie Roberts, offers a wide range of complementary therapies to help and ease conditions such as: achy necks and backs, IBS, pregnancy & fertility, coughs and colds, non-surgical facelifts, bone rolling e.g. straightening bunions, scar work e.g. caesareans & all post-surgery scarring, and long term conditions including stress & anxiety, arthritis, ME, MS & Parkinson’s.

Melanie is a highly qualified practitioner, trained in KORE Therapy, Myofascial Release and is also an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist. She has worked with professional athletes, golfers and footballers to increase their power and energy, as well as the maintenance work required to keep them at the top of their game. Thanks to her determination to find the root cause of the problem, rather than just treat the symptoms, many SSWC clients have been helped with Melanie’s treatments.


Contact Details

Shipley & Saltaire Wellness Centre, 107/108 Dockfield Road, Shipley, BD17 7AR

Telephone: 01274 585566,



Also on Facebook and Twitter.


The Therapy Bar

Telephone: 07964 778853



Also on Facebook.


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